When Katie McCarron’s 14-year-old poodle, Rosie, began to lose weight, Katie knew something needed to be done. Though Rosie had always been a picky eater, it was clear that she was exceedingly losing interest in food – and because of it, her ability to live. So, Katie began cooking and founded Portland Pet Food Company – not just for Rosie, but for dogs around the world who, like her, struggle to maintain weight or appetite with age. And thanks to the home-cooked meals, Rosie stayed strong for another two years.

Food is essential to keep pets going in life. Depending on their condition, a special diet may be needed to continue providing them the nutrients they need – but dogs don’t always enjoy these meals, turning their snouts away in disinterest. That’s where meal toppers come in.

Human-grade, soft and containing fewer than 11 USA-sourced ingredients, Portland Pet Food Company’s meal toppers were created out of deep love for Rosie and keeping her strong. Stored in shelf stable pouches that can be heated to bring out the aroma – the topper is surely to get any dog, old or young, drooling and ready to eat.

As pet owners, all we want is for our pets to thrive and be happy. It pains to watch your elderly dog struggle, especially once they hit the point of not having the energy, ability or desire to eat. That’s why it’s critical to find a meal topper that they will want to eat, while also giving them the nutrients they need to stay strong. Wholesome nutrition gives us more days, months or years to love on our four-legged family members, and that means everything.

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