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Welcome to our site, a community of pet lovers dedicated to a respectful and dignified final walk for a beloved pet. Our membership is a group of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, social workers, mental health specialists, and other end-of-life professionals whose mission is to provide the comfort, care, and support for a loving pet parent and their pet to create a memorable final experience. We are your people. We are here as a Community, to Connect, and to foster Communication for shared learning in this honorable part of helping a grieving pet lover and a beloved pet in their end-of-life walk and journey.

Our Non-Profit Mission

The IAAHPC promotes comfort care that addresses the physical, psychological, and social needs of animals with chronic and/or life-limiting diseases. We promote physical, emotional, and spiritual support for caregivers. We also educate professionals and advance research in the field of animal hospice and palliative care.

Our Vision

The IAAHPC strives to create a world in which animal hospice and palliative care services are widely available to animals and their caregivers. We want hospice and palliative care to be broadly recognized by veterinarians, veterinary nurses/technicians, and mental health/spiritual care professionals worldwide as an integral part of quality care.

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Why Join IAAHPC?

A membership organization, IAAHPC is open to any person who would like to contribute to a constructive discussion as we learn from each others experience.

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Certification is the voluntary process by which a non-governmental organization grants recognition to an individual who has demonstrated a high level of knowledge, skill, and ability. Certification means that one has met specific requirements including training, experience and education, and has passed a comprehensive examination.

Our Values

The IAAHPC is committed to:

  • Innovation
  • Respect¬†
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Inclusivity

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