General Practice Guidelines

The International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care (IAAHPC) is proud to present the Animal Hospice and Palliative Care Guidelines, a foundational resource dedicated to improving the quality of life for animals nearing the end of life and supporting the people who care for them.

Developed by leading experts in the field, these guidelines are the essential resource for veterinary professionals looking to integrate hospice and palliative care principles into their practice.

By downloading and reading these guidelines, veterinary team members will gain insights into:

The Ethical and Practical Framework: Understand the core principles of animal hospice and palliative care, including ethical considerations, pain management, and the role of euthanasia.

Pain, Suffering, and Quality of Life Assessments: Learn to assess and manage physical and emotional suffering, emphasizing quality of life assessments and individual patient needs.

Caregiver Support: Strategies for supporting caregivers through the challenges of caring for a dying animal, addressing mental health considerations, and facilitating bereavement support.

Integrative Care Approaches: Explore the integration of conventional medicine with alternative therapies to provide comprehensive care.

Legal and Professional Responsibilities: Guidance on the legal aspects of providing end-of-life care and maintaining professional standards.

This resource serves as a guide to delivering compassionate, ethical, and comprehensive care, ensuring both animal patients and their caregivers are supported during this critical stage of life.

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