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Maneuvering the end-of-life journey with a beloved pet can be an emotional roller-coaster. Questions to understand the grief journey, to make sense of the final walk, and to ensure every part of the end for a beloved pet is representative of the beautiful life which was lived, loved, and shared.

From these robust reading resources to the opportunity to share a memorial tribute to a loved pet, we’re here to support you in your grief. When we honor death we honor life, so know we are here to help you shout to the world every aspect of the sweet life you and your family shared with a beautiful spirit. Invite your family and friends to join us on this page and to share their thoughts about your beloved pet as well as to light a candle in honor of them and you.
Lastly, to you and your shattered heart, we send peace and light.


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Jolie had a rough start to life. We adopted her when she was about 3 years old and loved her for 13 years. She brought so much happiness and joy to our lives. We’ll see you at the Rainbow Bridge Baby Girl!


Sweetest animal I have ever met. You will be forever missed. You were my best friend. I hope we meet again. Rest in peace!


She lived to be 17 years old and had a great life. She always welcomed me home and her favorite thing to do was to cuddle with me, and play with brown mouse and little pot. She also liked sitting in the window on her little seat and curling up on her dolphin pillow. She was my angel and she will be missed. Thank you for all the work you do to help animals.


Maxene was a joy and my sweet girl for 16.5 years. She was the absolute best…a friend and confidant I ever had.

From: LeAnn Gogel
“To My Sweet Little Girlie Girl
You will be in my heart forever!
Mommy 💕💕😻😻”


Dear Beloved Sky,

You are missed beyond words.
You loved with all your small but mighty 12 lbs.
You will always be in my heart and all those you touched with your sweetness.
You will always be with me.

Your mommy


My curly haired girl that I never knew I always needed… my welcome home, my comforter, my tigger in disguise and my very bestest friend. I will always love you, look for you and miss you. Thank you for finding me and loving me. Xoxoxoxoxo sweet girl. You are free. I will see you at the bridge TT. ♥️

From: Jenny Zhopi
Maurna you took a good care of Tina. ❤️

Baby Girl

Baby Girl was a street cat in our neighborhood. She was kept away from food by the other cats, One male cat actually brought her to me. She was afraid of everything and very sick. After a vet visit I found out how sick she was. Surgeries, mouth infection and loosing most of her teeth she started on the road to recovery and became the companion I didn’t know I was needing. Baby Girl loved unconditionally. She stole my heart. Baby Girl would be silly one minute making us laugh and then needing and wanting my attention to love and fuss over her and she ate it up. My heart still aches and the tears still flow. I have had other pets but there was something special about Baby Girl. She would look at you and you could actually see and feel the love coming from her. She is waiting for the day when we will be reunited. The Rev. Billy Graham said, that if took for his black lab “Blackie” to be in Heaven for him to be happy then God would have “Blackie” there for God wants us to be happy. Jesse Duplantis said he saw animals of all kinds in his testimony of his trip to Heaven. One more thing, she did not like light in her eyes when she wanted to sleep in. She love the heating blanket kept on low so she had a warm place to take naps on cold days and the best was she loved using my hand as her pillow when we went to bed. Sweet dreams Baby Girl….



Layla Berry



This is Cheese the day “A gentle farewell” came to our home. 🖤


From: Jasmine's Groomer


I am at a loss for words. Jazzy was very special to myself and our team here and she will be deeply missed. She touched a lot of hearts with her sweet old soul. She definitely made me feel privileged grooming her lol. She was so good for everything even at her old age she had so much pride in what it took to look beautiful. I am sending big hugs to you and your family hon. Thank you for the kind words as well and we will be thinking of you and thank you for sharing her with us!

Take care,



This is our Floyd. Floydamus, as we called him often, was his (human) daddy’s shadow. He was more of a cat than a dog in most of his behavior, he did Floyd-aerobics (going from all fours to his hind legs several times over…while grunting) before he could jump onto a bed or couch. Floyd was our Pokemon puppy, he knew all sorts of attacks like “tear it up”, “dig” and “growl”. He loved to have his fur vacuumed, and his favorite spot was under the Christmas tree skirt during the holiday season. Walkies were his favorite, and he loved to sunbathe… but FORGET about camping outdoors, sleeping could ONLY be done on the comfy-est of blankets. He had an adopten (doggy) sister that he mostly couldn’t stand to be around, but we would often catch them cuddled together if there was a storm outside or if there was a chill… mostly her cuddling up to him while he was already asleep. He was the runt of his litter and never actually grew much past half his siblings’ heights. He was a Jack Russell/Shih Tzu, but we actually got asked often if he was a Chihuahua/St. Bernard mix. Floyd was 14 years old when we had to make a decision about his quality of life. Even through the glazed over eyes of his old age, we could see the puppy he once was, and his presence in the house was always felt even when he was sleeping. He was a sense of calm in our lives and the biggest greeter at the door when we got home from work. He is greatly missed and lives forever in our hearts. When I vacuum I am STILL finding mini-Floyds around the table legs and chairs or stepping on stuffing from his ripped up toys. I am just grateful for the time we did get to have with him, and that we were able to be with him when he made his journey across the rainbow bridge wrapped in his blankets and surrounded by love.


We made the difficult decision to put our Bella to sleep last week, since she could no longer stand. We were blessed to have her for 14 incredible years of loving memories. A Gentle Farewell made a gift in her honor to IAAHPC for us. Every year since my older daughter was a baby, we have had the “annual photo in the leaves” with Bella. Attached is the last one taken in Fall 2022. Thank you for all you do for our precious fur babies 🐕‍🦺❤️ Lisa Dy

From: Terri S.
“So sorry about Bella. She was a part of your family for many years, and I’m sure you will all miss her. Sincerest condolences to you all!!”

Nona T.
“My heart breaks for your family. Bella was the sweetest dog. It’s so difficult to lose a pet especially one you’ve had for as long as you did. They’re part of your family. Bella could not have lived with a better family. I miss her and praying that all of you heal and remember all the joy she brought to your lives. Rest in peace Pretty Girl.”



Stella means “star”, and that’s why she was named Stella. She shined brighter than the brightest star for the most perfect 13 & a half years.

Stella’s love of everyone & everything made life so special. She is missed beyond words.

I will forever consider myself lucky to have had the sweetest angel face in my life & she will always have the biggest piece of my heart 🩷


The best friend anyone could ask for. So loved and terribly missed. Until we meet again my Ty Boy

Luna and Zhuzhu

Luna and Zhuzhu were a big part of our family. It was extremely hard losing them both within weeks of each other. They gave us so many years of unconditional love and companionship. Our hearts are broken and our hearts are empty, but we know they they are now together and looking down on us. They will always be part of our home and they will both be remembered and honored forever. We love you my gorda and my Zhusito forever.




This is our sweet Ella Boo who passed away with the help of A Gentle Farewell on July 9, 2023. We will always love you, Boo! Mommy and Daddy



Bailey was a rescue from the APL little did we know she was rescuing us! She was the most beautiful precious angel to come into our lives! She was our BABY! Where we went she went! She traveled with us! I truly can say we never experienced such love before and she is so deeply missed!


Pepper was the most loyal, brave, sweet and smart girl a dog mom could hope for. She was by my side through good and bad for 13 years. Im so grateful for her love and devot and I miss her every day.


Ben went to heaven last week. He was so sweet, affectionate, talkative, playful, and an excellent communicator.


This is our Tillie, one very loved little girl! She had the softest golden hair, she truly adored her Mama, and loved all her Family. She enjoyed walking on the beach and mostly being right beside us!

She will always be remembered as the neighborhood socialite. She loved people, she was always kind, sweet, and friendly. She was indeed a very special dog, she was loved by everyone who met her!

Roxie Zsigray

She was the very best girl and will be missed by our family. We had her 10 years. 


September 2008-June 2023








My name is Janet. Recently, we used Loving Kindness Veterinary Care to help our beloved 16 year old Jack Russell, Jasmine, to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Yesterday, I received a card from them and in it, they left your card saying they made a donation in her name. It makes my heart happy to know this will help furbabies in the future. This is one of my favorite photos of her- in her prime and she loved popcorn! Again, thank-you so much! 


You came to us for safe keeping; and for three and a half years, you transformed our lives with a certain joy. You were a constant, devoted companion and now we miss you more than we ever thought possible. We love you still, Buddy. Rest in peace.


Sunrise 4/1/07 Sunset 4/7/23. You taught us patience kindness and unconditional love. You will always be in our hearts Max, till we see you again…

From: Nigel S.

You will always be remembered and loved, Max. I hope you never forgot that from till the end of time.

From: Tricia F.

Missing our mornings together. I don’t have a work buddy anymore, Max. No late night strolls. The house is empty without you. You are missed my sweet boy and forever loved.

Little Man

MY WARRIOR! Since the age of 7 yrs, Little Man lived with a stoma and breathed through a hole in his throat. He was a beautiful Performance Dog who suddenly had his life changed to a Couch Potato. He stayed with me until the age of 14.5 yrs and NEVER left my side. He travelled with me on the plane, in the car but mostly beside me in bed. He was my strength while I battle terminal cancer. I will ALWAYS be thankful for our time together and God willing, we will be together again. FOREVER LOVED!


In Loving Memory

Boss was a family man, a big protector to his family. Boss did not need many people in his life, his circle was small and that for him was more then enough. Boss was a big good boy who loved his Papa unconditionally, Boss will be missed by his Mama, Daddy, Nanny, Papa and all his kids that he definitely looked at as his own. Boss would stare into the sky and watch the birds fly wondering how they were able to do such a thing now Boss will soar and fly with his buddy Tigger

RIP to our handsome big boy.. forever loved forever remembered ❤️

Riley Wyn

To my ever-present shadow, oh how empty the house is without you…..15 years 8 months, and 27 days……You held on solely for me…..You were simply the best….You were my sunshine and will forever have a hold on my heart….


Caesar, you brought so much joy to the family and we miss you beyond measure. Rest well, Buddy, until we meet again.

Choo Choo

Choo Choo, you were my best buddy for almost 18 yrs. It’s been a week since you laid in my lap and I watched you leave my life. It was so very hard even as I knew it was best. Your presence is in every room. I’m trying to adjust to a new normal, but you will always be with me. Thank you for allowing me to be your mom. It was a wonderful 17+ years.

London Bell Rice

London was an amazing loving girl, she had a heart of GOLD she is and always be in our HEARTS.

No words to describe her but she is and ANGEL sent from GOD.



My loving, devoted, handsome, and always good-for-laugh companion, crossed over on 12/22/22. He was 19. He loved to greet everyone with kisses. I always joked with him, saying that he couldn’t hold his licker!

Nemo and I miss you so much.

Till we meet again, my sweet Lil one, I love you!!


In Loving memory of our best boy. Loved and missed


Wrigley was a fun, loving, caring, and active dog who enjoyed being outdoors. He was part of the family for almost 13 years. He ran with his friends at the park, could play with a ball for hours, took swims at the beach, and lived it up with us at family events. He saw us through many hardships and supported us with his loyalty, protection, and unconditional love. He will be truly missed.


Scoop embodied every positive trait of his breed. He was, most of all, a LOYAL Companion. He was BRAVE. He was always ready to protect us against those pesky chipmunks or flashy-tailed squirrels when they go too close to the house. He was a Champion HERDER of cars coming up the driveway and of children. Most of all, I think, he loved to RUN and CHASE. Thankfully the deer that live in our woods is faster than he was. In his dreams, he was running or chasing and we saw those legs going, even on the last day he was with us. I believe he knew how much we loved him and tried to give him the very best life. We are forever grateful to have had the privilege of raising and caring for such an amazing soul.


Sooty was a feral cat who I tamed. He was all black, with half a tail and a crushed foot that had healed. It took me a year and 7 months until he wanted me to pet him. After that, he sat on my lap every day, and slept by my side every night for 14 years. Taming him was the most meaningful experience of my life.

Sooty was a gentle cat, with the loudest purr I’ve ever heard. He was so happy with his indoor home, and he had no bad habits. He loved the company of my other cats, especially the foster kittens I rescued each year. His best friend was Dudley, a large black cat who was rescued from a shelter. They used to sit so close that I called them the two-headed cat. Dudley misses him now.

I will remember how loyal Sooty was, always wanting to be on my lap the minute I sat down. I will remember how his half-tail swung back and forth when he walked or trotted. I will remember his very loud purr. I will remember that he chose to trust me, and for this I am forever honored and grateful. My life with Sooty changed me, and I will never be the same.

We miss you, Soot-Soot!


Squeakers was a wonderful, sweet, loving kitty and we were so blessed to have her in our lives if only for a couple of years! She is now in Heaven pain-free and playing with all the other kitties that have gone before her! Until we are all together again…we love you Squeakers!


Trouble was our First Fur Baby that we adopted after we were married. When we first brought her home she was bouncing off the walls and doing zoomies so I kept telling her she was gonna be in trouble when her dad got home. That is how she got her name. Ironically after we name her she calmed down and became the best cat in the world!! She LOVED her doggie sibling Lexy and strangely enough, Trouble loved All little kids, I mean 5 and under screaming and screeching kids. She adored them. 17 years Trouble was a constant Luv Bug every single day and night. She loved sleeping with Daddy and would literally pound on the door with her paws nonstop to get to her daddy. Lol.. she used to greet the postman and the ups man and the pizza guy and they were all astounded at how friendly and gentle and curious she was. She loved everyone who came into our house. Our hearts are broken, our first baby has gone to heaven to be with some of her fur siblings. I cannot express how much our hearts are hurt and missing our First Baby.


Double left my life just as suddenly as she walked into it, but I’m going to be forever grateful that she chose us to be her family. She was always asking for attention, and more than happy to spend the day cuddling wherever she could. Things just aren’t the same without her in my lap. Rest in peace Double, one day we’ll nap together again.


Bently was with us for 17 wonderful years you couldn’t ask for a better campanion to share life with. Bently was a rescue as he was found tied to a tree without water I had to have him. He was laid to rest on July 12 as it was time due to his body was just used up . This was the humane thing to do for him. We love you Bently.


Jack was our little guy, he was in our life for 14 great years, Oh our heart is broken without this little gift from heaven, he got his wings on 9-12-22. God how we miss him. We love you Jack, Aka, little guy, lil pup.


In loving memory of my sweet Zena girl. My Warrior Princess. You were already 6 years old when we met and when I brought you home you were finally able to be a dog. You loved meeting new people and especially loved children. You were such a kind and gentle soul. I hope you know that you gave me so much more than I have ever given you. I miss you so much mama girl. Until we meet again. I love you forever and always.

Cosmo Italiano

The always adorable, Cosmo Italiano, was my loving companion for 14 years. He was the sweetest, most agreeable pup I’ve ever shared my home with. Cosmo had his own fan club; friends would always include him in invitations to dinner at their homes; boating; concerts; polo, etc. My comfort is visualizing Cosmo at the Rainbow Bridge surrounded by his 2 German Shepherds siblings – who will watch out for him until we are reunited.


Shorty came into our lives in 2013. She had been a stray but was tame and sweet. She like bed to be with us. And she liked our dog, Sasha. She would meow loudly outside our bedroom door demanding to come in. She sit beside me on the sofa wanting to be pst of the family. She wanted treats when Sasha got a treat. And she would wait on mats by doors til we would return from walks or a closed room. She was always gentle and sweet with us never. I ting or using her claws. I miss her terribly. Love you, Miss Shorty


Oliver, I may have saved your life when we first met.. but you saved mine every single day since then. You will always be my best friend, and you will forever be missed.. I look forward to the day we meet again at the rainbow bridge.. I love you bubs.


I can only hope that we gave her as much joy as she gave us. She was also such a Diva, but was always loving and sweet! There will never be another Ambroshia. A piece of my heart is now in heaven with her. I will see you again sweet girl. 💕


We had to let our sweet girl Daphne go in October. It broke our hearts even though we knew it was best for her. She was a huge part of our lives for 13 years. Her presence in our home will forever be missed!!

Maxie Davidson-Carbonell

To our sweet girl Maxie, you brought so much love, joy, laughter, happiness, and companionship to our life. You will be in our hearts forever. One day we’ll all be together forever. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Love always mommy and daddy!


We miss your sweetness and companionship so much. You are forever in our hearts. We love you more than words can say, sweet girl.


“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”


Here is one of the last photos I took of him, comfy laying next to me in bed as I read. His name suited him so well, but he was also such a social and cuddly cat. Big kitten eyes with a gentle and silly soul. ❤️‍🩹🐱


Our beloved Dobby-our house elf dog.


Bogart was my constant companion and best friend for 15 years, 9 months. We did everything together. I was lucky to have him. I miss him terribly.


He was my soul mate, confidant, 24/7 shadow, and I love him with all my heart and I’m having a very hard time dealing with his loss. He would’ve been 15 Dec. 24. 15 years together and he was my furbaby.

Judas Priests


18 years just wasn’t long enough. We miss you Biddah Boo!




Nova Lacy: Born March 3, 2018; Died peacefully, Oct. 7, 2023. Nova was a combination of beagle and heeler, and she had a lot of the traits of the latter in her. She was sweet, mischievous, energetic, sometimes bossy, and very smart. Always up for a walk, a car ride or just some rowdy play. She loved to track any critter she could catch sight or smell of. We adopted her in November 2019, after her previous owner had to surrender her to a foster home. She happily accompanied us on two vacations; one to Georgia and the other to New York and New England. Sadly, she was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor of the upper gum in June 2023, and it quickly spread to her sinuses. She remained active to the end, but we had to let her go before the tumor could do more damage. She was the best little patient. We loved her so very much, and we will never forget this life-loving little girl! Jim and Laurie Lacy (Oct.23, 2023)



Miles was a puppy mill survivor. We found each other when he was 6 years old. We had almost 10 years together. Over the years he healed from many of his fears from his early years. He was a good buddy and brought much joy into my life and the lives of those around us. What a gift and blessing!


Will was a rescue from a local shelter. I fell in love with him from the first time I saw him. He was an amazing friend for the 8 years I had him. He is missed every day. The emptiness around my house is felt by my family. I cannot wait to see him again. I miss you buddy! We love and miss you so much! Till we see you again.


Thank you for your loyalty, protection and unconditional love for almost 14 years.  I am forever grateful to have had the privilege of caring for such an amazing soul.  You are forever loved and remembered.  Rest in peace my very best friend! ♥️


My beautiful Lily girl passed on July 18, 2023. It is so hard, loving a pet and having to say goodbye. I hope you’re running and playing in rainbow bridge.


You were so loved by everyone. I loved your hugs and will miss them dearly. I hope your with your sisters running around and playing. Thank you for the best 17 years.


Grace was the most beautiful German Shepherd. We were so lucky to have had her in our life for the last 11 years. She followed my husband around all day long. She loved our little grandchildren and would lay next to their bed when we had a sleepover. She was one in a million! We will miss her so much, we are heartbroken 💔


My husband found Gracie running the streets in Akron, OH almost 8 years ago. She had burned paws from running on the hot pavement and also had Lyme’s disease and another tick born disease. She filled our hearts with love for all these years and unfortunately she developed melanoma in her mouth and only lasted 6 months after her diagnosis. Our black lab rescue, Murphy, took her under his wing as soon as we got her and they were best buddies. We all miss her very much. We have a huge hole in our hearts but we know she is always with us.


We love and miss you sweet boy. You will forever be in our hearts and thoughts. You were such a big, sweet gentle soul that brought joy and unconditional love to our lives! You will never be forgotten and your paw print will forever be on our hearts…..until we meet again one day at the Rainbow Bridge sweet boy!


Mia our beautiful Husky went to the big field 6/9/23


5/15/2009 – 6/27/2023


He always loved to be a part of whatever we were working on, homework included. 



You were so selfless and loved your family well. You fought to give us more time with you which we are forever grateful. We miss you terribly.


My Best Friend 4ever! He rescued me the day I rescued him! I will miss everyday of my life, he was funny, a bully to all who came to the front of the house protecting me💖 12 years of pure love. He sat like a human being in my convertible, he enjoyed car rides and walks, actually he did a lot of walking me around the neighborhood LOL. To say he loved me is an understatement – he was blonde with skinny legs and he looked like me in dog form – he was truly meant for me!
He will be forever missed now running and breathing free with his furry BFFs and family! UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN MY DOCKY, MOMMY LOVES YOU 

PCat aka Spider

PCat will remain in our hearts forever. We love you baby and hope to see you again when it is our time to go.


My baby girl was the best angel. 13 years was not long enough. I really miss the lovins, kisses and following me everywhere. I love you to the moon and back a hundred million thousand times. You will forever be in my heart, until we meet again, my Angel my big girl I love and miss you so much!!!


Thanks be to God for letting precious Stanley be part of my life. He was the best kitty ever. He was like my shadow. I’ll especially miss our cuddle time when he would lay on my chest and purr. We were gifted 11 years with him. Much too short. He took care of me during my illness and helped nurse me back to health. Our house is so quiet and empty without him. I’ll miss him waiting at the door to get picked up for snuggles, kisses, purrs, and head bumps when we get home. I can hardly wait to hold you to my heart again. Until then, I love you, Stanley.


Totally intelligent and always there for me I never disappointed me inquisitive German Shepherd.


Charlie, my sweet angel boy. You came to me at 8 years old. I knew then that this day would come sooner than I’d want, but I adopted you anyways. The first day I brought you home, I knew I’d made the right decision. You were so chill and just wanted to be near me at all times and loved every person and animal you encountered. The most gentle big guy there ever was. My favorite thing you did was nudge my arm or hand for more pets. I’ll never forget our first hike through the woods and down by the river. You LOVED it. I will miss you always, but I’m thankful for the 6 years I got to share with you. I know you are somewhere laying in the warm, sunny grass no longer in pain. Someday we will meet again my Charlie boy but until then, I’ll never forget you. Xoxo Madeline 💙

TC Bolger

My little boy, TC, was half of my heart and soul. He was always a nosy little fella. He was intended to be a barn cat for my sister’s neighbor but was ultra curious about the bonfire in my sister’s backyard. He was just a tiny little thing and he pulled at my heartstrings….so I kidnapped him. I had 13 wonderful years with him and he grew into an over 20 lb. cat. He was very attentive to his little sister, BettyG and would spend hours just laying in front of me staring at me with his beautiful face. He had what appeared to be a mustache and I always asked him where he got his sexy mustache. I had him euthanized on September 13th of this year (2022). I miss him each and every day and still cry frequently.


You were everything.
Forever my sweet girl.


The most demanding, wonderful chicken. Thank you, little bear.


Duke we miss you so much. You were the sweetest, most gentle and patient boy ever. Life isn’t the same without you. You were the one constant through so many changes in our lives. You brought so much joy and companionship over your 13-1/2 years. We love and will miss you forever. Thank you for all the love and fun. Be at peace Sweet Boy. XxOo


This is Pepper. She was a broken, abused, very afraid little girl when we adopted her. She slowly began trusting us and truly learned what love is through her time with us. She had a very happy life and became my absolute soul mate. I can’t believe she’s gone, but I know she’s running and playing in heaven with her canine sister, Ginger.


I rescued Bella from the Humane Society when she was eight years old. She was one of two dogs relinquished and her pet brother or sister was adopted right away and Bella had been there for a month. We bonded immediately and even though my son wanted a puppy that was at the Society, I convinced him that we needed to take Bella home. She was so happy on that ride home with us. She was a great dog. She was so well behaved. I really didn’t want to get a dog, but I knew my son wanted one and I had just bought a house with a huge fenced-in backyard so I decided to go ahead with the adoption. I never imagined the bond I would form with that dog or how much I loved her. I still miss her horribly and believe that the decision to say goodbye to her was one of the hardest things I’ll ever do in my life. I miss you and I love you, Bella. I can’t wait to see you again.


We were lucky to have our sweet “Tiny” aka Diezel for almost 14 years! Although we miss him dearly, we know he is finally able to challenge everyone in a tug of war again and chase after all the frisbees and sticks in doggy heaven. We love you Tiny.




This is chomp. He was a great dog and friend. We miss him so much.


Our beloved Pogi was our pack leader and gave nothing but love and happiness to our family for 15 years. We were truly blessed to be a part of his life and not a day goes by we do not think of him. We miss him dearly and he will remain forever in our hearts. We love you Pogi and thank you for rescuing us!


My dear Cinderella, my best friend, you gave me unconditional love and acceptance when nobody else would. You were always happy to see me when I came home and provided me with your company during my loneliest hours. Your innocence and funny ways provided me with enjoyment and laughter. I will forever miss you!


Our beloved Tyson was my ride or die. He was my shadow, and we loved to go on walks, hikes, camping trips, swims at the beach and so, so much more. His time to go came too soon and our family misses him dearly. Our home will never be the same without him but he will forever be in our hearts and his memory will live on.


We really miss you, Bella. You have been part of the family for 17 years. We love you so much it was hard to let you go. We knew you loved us because you hung right in there till the end.

Maggie & Scout

To my sweet girls, Maggie and Scout, you brought so much love, joy, laughter, happiness, and companionship to my life. You both will be in my heart forever. Run free in the wildflower fields, and I will be with you again one day. I love you, both, always! Mommy


Winston, aka Sweetie Man, came into our hearts at 8 weeks old. He has lived up to his nickname “Sweetie Man.” A fuzzy, wild, small grateful kitty, grew into a loving, shoulder buddy for Billy. Winston fought hard for a year, with kidney failure, and at 2 months shy of his 18th birthday, we had to kiss him goodbye. We look for him now in all his special places. We miss him so.


Our sweet Zoe left us too soon. In good physical health but her mind lost its edge. We loved her for 14 years.


To My Sweet Ginny, In October, 2010, we found each at the perfect time. You were a third time rescue, and were looking to still find your forever home. I saw you were hurt and abandoned through those big, beautiful eyes, and you needed someone to love and enjoy your sweet, gentle and sometimes mischievous ways. I, too, was in the process of reinventing my life, and I needed a best friends to walk beside me in my new life. It was you, sweet girl. Your mere presence and puppy purrs got me through the challenging moments and subsequent loneliness during those years.


Beloved cat for 18 years


Sterling was the most amazing friend I have ever had. He was with me through so much. He crossed the bridge on March 4th, 2021. He was almost 11 and 1/2 years old. The one thing I am thankful for about COVID 19 is that I was able to be with him 24/7 the last year of his life. I still have no clue how he was able to fit his giant tongue in his mouth. I loved him almost as much as he loved me. Saying goodbye was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but I do know it was time. He told me. He will always be in my heart, and will never be forgotten. Rest easy sweet boy. Sterling Croskey October 16, 2009 – March 4, 2021


Sweetie was the most vigilant caretaker and constant loving companion. She had a deep soul and was gracious to every other animal.



Our beloved Lilly was full of life, loved every person she came in contact with and was the little sister of her big brother Ben. We miss you ever single day and will forever hold those precious memories we shared.

Mo Fox

Forever my best friend…❤🐾


Our precious sweet Fergie left us way too soon. She brought so much joy into our lives which she forever changed. We cherished every moment we had her and felt so blessed to have adopted her. She was an answer to our prayers when we started searching for the right dog for us. Indeed she was perfect for us. Only God could have orchestrated the way we found her. There will never be another Fergie. We miss her every day. There is a hole in our hearts now that can’t be filled until we are reunited again in Heaven.


Dear Mr. Manolo:
We miss you with all our hearts. You left an empty spot in our lives. We look forward to the day that we can hold you again and look at your loving eyes and tell you that we love you dearly. Until that day, we will keep you close to our hearts. We love you and miss playing with you. God bless you!


I want to say Thank You to Dr. Chris Hickman of Madawaska Veterinary Home Service for her compassionate help in seeing my beloved companion “Twix” a black long hair 13 year old cat, out of this life and into whatever comes beyond. Twix was 6 years old when I adopted him from the SPCA and a more charismatic little companion I could never have imagined. He loved people and would run to the door to welcome visitors – more like a dog. He always understood whatever I was saying to him, and would react appropriately. I loved him so very much and I will miss him forever. When he became too sick to have any quality of life, Dr. Chris came to my home to send him to his eternal rest. My last view of my beautiful Twix was him bundled in a blanket, “cradled in the arms of an angel” as Dr. Hickman carried him away. That vision will sustain me forever in the years to come. Elizabeth Johns

Spicy McHaggis

It has been over a year since I’ve lost my boy. He was in my life since he was born, for almost 14 years. He was there always, from moving across the world with me, to starting my family. He has always been there. I was grateful for my husband’s (who is a mobile vet) calmness when the time came for us to euthanize our friend at home. I miss his quiet reassurance, a piece of me is missing and always will be.


In memory of Penny, who supported me through so much. We moved more than once, and you always were there, sitting on my lap for morning coffee and meditation. In your final days, I worked to build more support for your comfort, and ultimately will work with your memory and energy to help do more for future cats in my care.


My little sheba I miss you every moment of every day!!! The house is very quiet I still listen for you to start “talking” in the middle of the night. My ❤️ is broken I miss you so much.we will be together again. Farwell little “red” your not very far your paw prints…forever in my heart❤


Such big eyes and little paws, a curious, little firecracker. Brave and bold, my tiny shadow. May your adventures live on in the great beyond.


My dearest Cadin, my world will never be the same. Till we meet again. Run free buddy!


When I was a Veterinary Technician, a litter of sick puppies was brought into the emergency department. Their mom had been rescued from euthanasia while pregnant by Assisi Animal Foundation. The first picture here of Taryn was when she was 3 weeks old and had pneumonia. She never went back to the shelter and insead came home with us. We loved her for 15 years and today we said goodbye. We will miss you forever, our sweet “gehl”, master cuddler, and most loyal companion.


Very friendly Katie would sun herself in the dining room window or by the back door. Would love to relax on my lap. And would follow me all over the house. Thank you for 16 memorable years.

From: Maurna McCarthy
Katie was blessed to have you.


Here is a picture of our Toby when he was a puppy and before he passed. He lived 13 great years and was such a snuggle buddy.

Toby Santone
January 2010-September 2023


God Bless Casey. Forever in our hearts and our memories ❤️🐶


I wanted to share a few different options of my adorable, goofy, adventurous little girl as I’m not sure what would fit your format best. My vet made a donation in her honor. Thank you for the amazing work that you do and thank you for the opportunity to honor Lolo and her incredible spirit. It really helps offer some comfort after a few months without her 💕🐾

– Sydney


We would take a break at this park bench during our daily walk and sit and enjoy the peacefulness. it relieved some stress from a busy day. I miss Vinny dearly. We were best friends.

Man and Lili

Man and Lili were born on April 17, 2007. They were brother and sister littermates. They went to work from the time they were 8 weeks old and were in the office every day for thirteen years providing love and happiness to the many employees they were in contact with on a daily basis. They were very different in personalities as Man was very outgoing and the life of the party and Lili was a quiet shy girl. They both had their own fan clubs among the employees and touched the lives of so many people. Man and Lili passed together on August 29, 2023 peacefully in their home with their family. They were 16 1/2 years old and will be missed dearly.


Stella was force to be reckoned with. She was so small and dainty looking with the heart and soul of a lion! She had a fur family and a human family who loved her beyond words. She was always young at heart, playing, swimming, climbing mountains, traveling and camping. She let nothing stop her, especially her size and some of her health issues. When you met her you couldn’t help but smile at that sweet face with the funny little underbite. Stella was only 12 yrs old when she lost her battle, but we are forever grateful for Dr. Tami Shearer and her staff, they are striving for better, more individualized care for all pets. They are truly amazing and the veterinary world needs far more like them. We are so grateful too for the 12 wonderful years we had with her, so run free sweet Stella girl, we know you are free of all the pain now, we love and miss you 4-ever in our hearts


The love of my life and faithful companion for 13 years, Leo crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 4, 2023. He was a VERY good boy, an old soul and the sweetest dog ever. I will forever miss him! 💔



No matter how bad my day was you always made me smile. You will forever be in our hearts.


Marley was a gentle big lab.
Loved snacks and people.
I will miss you my big baby


We didn’t choose Buster. He chose us. When we went to see the available puppies, he was in a pen with several other Dachshund puppies. He came over to us and stood up on the pen as if to say “Pick me!”. When we took him out to visit with him, he promptly crawled into my nephew’s lap and fell asleep. He chose us to be his family and we are forever grateful. He was funny, energetic and made his opinions known. He loved having all the family together. That usually meant there was food involved. We had 13 good years with our beautiful Buster. We’ll see you across the Rainbow Bridge one day, sweet boy.


I gave Willow a sacred sendoff prior to Dr. Beth’s arrival. I brought in the archangels, Saint Francis, previous animals who have crossed and also many beautiful loving energies to assist her in her transition from this life to the next. I told her about how wonderful it was to have her in my life and how blessed I was to have her in my life.

Willow lives on in my heart and will continue to inspire me as I delve into the AHG program.


Meeko was with us for 9 years. We adopted him from the Lorain County Dog Kennel in October 2014. From the moment everyone met Meeko, he was loved. He loved everyone he met, from newborn babies to the mailman. He was a gentle soul. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog and he is missed beyond belief.

The Novosielski’s


In loving memory of our dear Osito our companion, you were one of a kind. We will carry you in our hearts and in our memories forever. Thank you for being with us. You were such a blessing. We love you.



It has taken a moment to bring myself to write this tribute as Ace was the bestest boy I have ever known and he brought so many people together that otherwise would have never met. He helped socialize me and brought comfort to all that he encountered. Nothing I write or say will do his memory justice, but the love and compassion that he was shown by 4 Paws Farewell in his last moments on earth bring me peace. Until we meet again in front of the Rainbow Bridge-love and thanks to my beautiful Ace!


My sweet boy Gunner. You were my first and boy were you something special. From walks to play time to lazy time you did it all with personality. You showered everyone you were around with love and brought nothing but joy. I can only hope I provided the same for you. You were so strong through your cancer diagnosis until the very end. I was so proud of the strong boy you were during it all. Life will never be the same without you. 5 years together was not enough time. I’ll cherish it forever. Until we meet again, always in my thoughts, forever in my heart, my boy, my love, my Gunner.


This is our baby girl Kira who crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on November 1st, 2022. This is the last pic my daughter Carrie took before she left us. She would of turned 11 this January 9th, 2023. She was my best friend, we walked together every single day and I miss her so much. I am turning 81 in February and I can’t wait to meet her at the Rainbow Bridge when my time has come. Miss you so much Kira xo…love you always mom. 🐾


Chumley was 10 years old when we had to say goodbye. At the end of his years, he suffered from Canine Cognitive Dysfunction. It was very hard to see our best friend go through this. He was the best dog we’ve ever had and is missed tremendously. We’ll love you forever!


Smokey was the best cat I’ve ever had. He was so loving and funny. He always put a smile on my face and made me feel loved. He was my therapy cat and my best friend.


I miss you! You were such a sweet soul.


Annabelle came into our lives when she was 8 weeks old. She was a loving sister to her kitty sisters and gladly took on the role of big sister when I became a mother. She loved spending time at the lake and on boat rides. She was my best friend and helped me through some difficult times. We love and miss you so much.


She was the sweetest most loving dog a family could have. So many happy times spent with you Abbey. RIP baby girl 😥 🧡


To my girly girl…in my heart… always 💚


DiMaggio was the most loving loyal friend we have ever had. He loved completely. He loved to be loved. Ear rubs belly rubs and kisses. He loved pizza pasta and ice cream. He was a gentle giant that the whole family will miss!!! Until we meet again


Vinny brightened up our lives for about thirteen years. Truly a special pet, he was always around to keep you from feeling lonely. He wasn’t one for attention and loved his naptime, but he remained a faithful companion, especially to his family. His favorite pastimes included lying in the sun, chasing after the neighborhood squirrels, taking naps, and guarding grandma. We are sad that he is with us no longer, but we are grateful that he is suffering no more because Vinny deserves nothing but the best. He will remain in the hearts of friends and family forever and we are all so glad that we took him into our family and got to spend the time we shared together.


Murphy was a character that truly made everyday with him special! Not a day goes by we don’t miss his goofiness and his loving eyes that would look into your soul! Rest in peace Murphy boy, you were so strong all the way to the end, our super dog!
Adopted 3/29/14
Laid to rest 11/18/21


Tears will dry, hearts will heal but memories will always remain. Foxie was 1 of 100 of a special kind. RIP Foxie.


To my dear sweetest girl, Ruby,
You brought Love, Joy, companionship, and courage to my life when I needed it most. And for over 13 years, you were my steadfast bestie. I will love you and miss you always.
Until we meet again, my sweet girl, run again in the sun! I love you!


I will forever be grateful for the joy you brought to my life every day for 13 years! You were my best friend, Barnum (aka Mr. Wiggles, Buggy and Bubbanut).


My Sweet Shiba crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 15, 2021. She was an amazing girl who was almost 18 years old. She was loved by both her human and fur siblings. We miss her alot and she will forever hold a piece of our hearts.


Roxy was with us for 19 years and went too heaven November 13th.. One of the hardest things to do was say goodbye too my baby girl who has been by my side for all those years💔 We will miss you 💔but we will see you again ❤️🙏🏻🐾 We Love you so very much and have great memories to get us by until we see you again❤️


Harry was my beloved little friend and will hold part of my heart.


The greatest treasure in my life has been being Mommy to my beautiful boy Charley.
Charley came to stay with me when I adopted him on August 14th, 2004 he lived to see his 18th birthday on Valentine’s Day 2021.

I think of Charley everyday and I long for the day that we will be together again.

You are in our hearts forever Charley!

Love Mommy, Dad, and Kyle


My sweet angel, you will forever be missed. It was the greatest joy and honor to have you by my side through all the ups and downs in life. 



In loving memory of Charley


Our beautiful blue Buster who loved us, protected us and stood beside us for 15 years. We will miss you everyday when you’re not there to get the paper at the end of the driveway, sound the alarm of an impending delivery, grind your head into us for affection and watch over me in the kitchen for scraps. We will miss you forever and ever.



We miss you so much Lou. ❤


Cooper was the George Clooney of dogs, he got more handsome the older he got. His kindness never wavered despite his physical pain from aging. Although his brain still had the spirit of a puppy his body was failing him at the age of 15. He will truly be missed, he will always have a special place in out hearts. ❤️


Such a sweet, loving boy. We miss you terribly.


Don’t forget, my girl
Somewhere between hello and goodbye,
There was love
So much love


You were so much more than a beloved pet. You were my best friend and confidant. I will love you forever my sweet girl❤

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I don’t know how I could have done it without you. My motto had become “Mother and Pup Forever”! It was a privilege to be your mommy, to love you, buy you Halloween costumes, your squeaky toys, and of course, Milk Bones and “Chicky-Meatballs”. I loved our quiet nap times, and still feel your warm little head tucked under my chin when you slept. How you kept me warm… I especially loved sitting beside you on the glider in the garage overlooking the street and our front yard. Remember how you laid down in the mud after that heavy rain by the river? I have that picture of you with you muddy belly and feet! You knew how to make me laugh… You are my girl, and you have taken my heart with you. You were a strong little pup, and even with your illness almost made it to 16 years old. Know my sweet baby, that I feel you beside me just as you always were, and I know we will be together again someday. Please look for me… I will always love you, and you will always be My Sweet Ginny Dog. Love, Mommy❤

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I cannot find the words to memorialize or pay tribute to Daisy. Her existence in my life was a blessing truly beyond anything I expected or deserved.


Zeus was loved by many, he was a soul dog and just a lover. He was loyal and strong and is now pain free from bone cancer. Fortunately our family got to spend 9 beautiful years together and this past summer before he gained his angel wings. Forever remembered as moose as that nickname stuck with him through his life. Until we meet again. Love the Rowan family

Princess Sophia (Sophie)

Born Valentines Day, this tiny bundle of white with her pink nose fit in the palm of our hands. Our hearts 💕 swelled with love at that moment.
She was a small pint-size pup and won everyone’s heart she met. Our little Princess became quite the explorer, and over the years, we nic named her Dora.
Her feisty personality allowed her to conquer what she wanted, so those pretty bows and ponytails would become the flight of the crazy hair doo.
She was part of a trio for her first 6 yrs. Her 2 siblings passing she missed them so.
Not long after, we found a baby brother for her, and he became her torment and kept her on her paws. They grew very close the next 8 years.
Now it was her time to go and be the beautiful Angel with her siblings. Her baby brother calmly knew sitting by her side at the end. We comfort him, and he comforts us with heavy hearts missing our Sophie.
This tiny little bundle of white her nose now black our Beautiful Princess is our Angel 😇 above. 14 1/2 years of 💘Love, we celebrated Valentine’s Day and your birthday with you. Our hearts will always MISS YOU 😢
I miss your calming nighttime snoring 💤
Love, Mumma ,Dadda and Oliver🐾


Cherished member of our family for 12 years. She had the most gentle soul and big heart and was the best companion we could ask for. Malone brought many years of joy and will be remembered forever.


Nelson was the best brown dog! He was our loyal snuggling friend, baby, family member for all but a few weeks of his over 17 years. He is so, so missed and his memory cherished! We hope you’re running and playing all day, buddy.


Keegan the Comforter

First named Keegan the Fierce, he came to us at 13 years old, having been with two other families…the first as a pup where he was the Comforter to his human mom when her husband died tragically in an accident and mom had to work long hours then and made the hard decision to rehome Keegan at 11. The second home with an elderly couple who had owned Irish Terriers all their lives where he was the Comforter to his new Dad as he struggled with the onset of Dementia until new mom was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer. So he came to us and our son fell in love with him and took him to his heart and home until our son was also diagnosed with inoperable cancer! And so Keegan came to us, with our son, his dad, and he became OUR comforter when our son passed away. We loved him and cared for him and took him everywhere with us…he especially loved camping! At age 16 years, 4 months, our sweet old man went into kidney failure and we told him it was our turn to comfort him, his work was done and he could go to be with those who crossed over before him. We loved him so much and will miss him forever but we will see you again one day, when it is our turn. Until then we say “Well done, good and faithful Keegan the Comforter!”


You gave so much love and happiness to us while you were here. We’ll always be grateful for having you in our lives, although it wasn’t nearly long enough. Know that you will always hold a special place in our hearts and will never be forgotten. Run happy and free sweet Bailey girl!


In memory of a loving girl who brought our family so much happiness. Even though you are no longer with us, you will forever be in our hearts! We love you, sweet Abby!

Abi (Abigail)

“A greatness and a sweetness and a light
Poured out from her upon her little world.”

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