COVID-19 Information and Updates from Our Team

As YOUR association and professional resource, the IAAHPC has put together the attached protocols with tips and ideas to help keep our end-of-life member professionals safe during this time of uncertainty.

While we are facing a temporary new normal, the suggested safety procedures are recommended to maintain the well-being of every professional as they walk with those families facing their own grief in the loss of a beloved companion. Information is changing daily with the knowledge our professionals need to continue their work, while keeping their own health and welfare top-of-mind. We will continue to bring our members this information as we are made aware of new protocols.

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For the most immediate updates for our professionals, please check the website, join our IAAHPC Member Facebook page, share your thoughts on our general Facebook page, or message us directly.

We are all in this together, united in a common mission and cause. And, as YOUR association, we are here to bring you the resources and information YOU need in your daily work.

To all of you on the front lines, thank you.