“I want to say thank you to Dr. Chris Hickman of Madawaska Veterinary Home Service for her compassionate help in seeing my beloved companion, Twix, a black long-haired 13-year-old cat, out of this life and into whatever comes beyond.

Twix was 6 years old when I adopted him from the SPCA, and a more charismatic little companion I could never have imagined. He loved people and would run to the door to welcome visitors—more like a dog. He always understood whatever I was saying to him and would react appropriately. I loved him so very much, and I will miss him forever.

When he became too sick to have any quality of life, Dr. Chris came to my home to send him to his eternal rest. My last view of my beautiful Twix was him bundled in a blanket, “cradled in the arms of an angel” as Dr. Hickman carried him away. That vision will sustain me forever in the years to come.”