“Trouble was our first fur baby that we adopted after we were married. When we first brought her home, she was bouncing off the walls and doing zoomies, so I kept telling her she was gonna be in trouble when her dad got home. That is how she got her name. Ironically, after we named her, she calmed down and became the best cat in the world!

She loved her doggie sibling Lexy, and strangely enough, Trouble loved all little kids, I mean 5 and under, screaming and screeching kids. She adored them. For 17 years, Trouble was a constant luv bug every single day and night. She loved sleeping with Daddy and would literally pound on the door with her paws nonstop to get to her daddy. Lol.

She used to greet the postman, the UPS man, and the pizza guy, and they were all astounded at how friendly, gentle, and curious she was. She loved on everyone who came into our house.

Our hearts are broken. Our first baby has gone to heaven to be with some of her fur siblings. I cannot express how much our hearts are hurt and missing our first baby.”