“Nova Lacy: Born March 3, 2018; Died peacefully, Oct. 7, 2023. Nova was a combination of beagle and heeler, and she had a lot of the traits of the latter in her. She was sweet, mischievous, energetic, sometimes bossy, and very smart. Always up for a walk, a car ride or just some rowdy play. She loved to track any critter she could catch sight or smell of.

We adopted her in November 2019, after her previous owner had to surrender her to a foster home. She happily accompanied us on two vacations; one to Georgia and the other to New York and New England. Sadly, she was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor of the upper gum in June 2023, and it quickly spread to her sinuses.

She remained active to the end, but we had to let her go before the tumor could do more damage. She was the best little patient. We loved her so very much, and we will never forget this life-loving little girl!

Jim and Laurie Lacy (Oct. 23, 2023)”