“First named Keegan the Fierce, he came to us at 13 years old, having been with two other families. The first as a pup, where he was the Comforter to his human mom when her husband died tragically in an accident, and mom had to work long hours. Then she made the hard decision to rehome Keegan at 11.

The second home was with an elderly couple who had owned Irish Terriers all their lives, where he was the Comforter to his new dad as he struggled with the onset of dementia until new mom was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer. So he came to us, and our son fell in love with him and took him to his heart and home until our son was also diagnosed with inoperable cancer!

And so Keegan came to us, with our son, his dad, and he became OUR Comforter when our son passed away. We loved him and cared for him and took him everywhere with us. He especially loved camping!

At age 16 years, 4 months, our sweet old man went into kidney failure, and we told him it was our turn to comfort him. His work was done, and he could go to be with those who crossed over before him. We loved him so much and will miss him forever, but we will see you again one day, when it is our turn. Until then, we say, “Well done, good and faithful Keegan the Comforter!”