“Chulo was born and raised in Kenya on January 26, 2009; he came from a royal family of the latest former President Kenyatta family. We adopted him after the family left him behind due to a family emergency.

After we moved back to the US in 2013, Chulo became a US Citizen and lived in Seattle, WA, after a long journey from Kenya. In 2016 Chulo moved to AZ, where my husband retired as a US Diplomat.

Chulo had a happy and loving life with us. He never barked; the first time he heard his barking, he was scared and shocked to hear himself. That was hilarious! So many stories that I can tell you about Chulo, but the only thing I can tell you is that Chulo was our life, and he gave us so much love. He was such a good dog until the day he passed.

Thank you, Chulo, for those 15 years together. Forever love!”