“Our sweet boy, Atticus, came into our lives from DC Weimaraner Rescue in 2020 at the age of 11, bringing so much joy and love along with him. He came with a long snout, a voracious appetite, a loud bark, and a big personality.

He was a “velcro” dog who wanted to be with his people all the time, so we took him almost everywhere we went for four full years. He loved the back seat of his blue Subaru Outback (the Blubaru), which he took over and made his own, whether the car was sitting out in front of the house or driving to a park for a walk. He always put his silky soft head and big paws on the console between the seats and would often tuck his nose underneath our elbows as we explored around Northern Virginia. He was a power napper who loved to lie on all our sofas, both indoor and outdoor, and insisted on being right there beside us whenever we were watching TV, having dinner, working, reading, or napping–sometimes he would even make us move over so he could sit in his chosen spot to snore and dream or to get closer to our dinner plates.

Even though he was a really big boy, he liked to wedge his furry self between his people and the back or arm of the sofa.

He was so well-behaved and such a great walker, always making sure we were on his right side, correcting us when we weren’t, and always looking back over his shoulder to make sure we were right there following along behind him. True to his breed’s hunting dog instincts, he loved to sniff out and stalk all the birds and other animals, whether in the yard or on our walks.

He was so beautiful, handsome, and photogenic that we completely filled up our phones with photos of him in all his wonderful hound dog poses and moods. There are no words to describe the happiness we experienced with him, his strong impact on our lives, and the sadness we feel in our hearts without his daily presence. We are looking forward to a joyful reunion when we are all in Heaven together one day. WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH DEAR ATTICUS!!!”