Winners Announced for the Prestigious PETS Award: 5 Students Granted Free Registration to
2023 Paving the Way IAAHPC Conference [Fort Worth, TX, July 28, 2023] – The International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care (IAAHPC) is thrilled to announce the winners of the esteemed PETS Award, recognizing outstanding students who have displayed exceptional dedication to end-of-life education.

Five exemplary individuals have been selected for their commitment to advancing the field of animal hospice and palliative care. The winners are Reagan Reedy, Trisha Warner, Genevieve Casse, Kelly Larson, and Maura Haley.

The PETS Award is a prestigious initiative that aims to foster the growth and development of aspiring professionals in the realm of animal hospice and palliative care. Through this program, the winners will receive complimentary registration to the highly anticipated 2023 Paving the Way IAAHPC Conference, an event known for its cutting-edge insights and industry-leading speakers. In addition to the free conference registration, the winners will also receive assistance with their travel expenses, making it possible for them to partake in this invaluable opportunity.

The PETS Award aligns perfectly with IAAHPC’s mission to promote compassionate end-of-life care for animals and recognizes the potential these bright young minds hold in shaping the future of this vital industry. Dr. Sara Hopkins, President of IAAHPC, expressed her excitement about supporting these deserving students in their educational journey towards enhancing end-of-life care for animals. “It is with immense pleasure that we honor these exceptional students with the PETS Award. Their dedication to improving the quality of life for animals during their most vulnerable moments is truly inspiring,” she said.

The PETS Award program was also made possible through the generous support of Dr. Dani McVety, the founder and CEO of Lap of Love. Dr. McVety’s commitment to advancing animal hospice and palliative care has been evident through her contribution of three scholarships to this year’s award, further solidifying her dedication to the future of the industry.

Reagan Reedy, a remarkable student at Colorado State University, was elated to be selected as one of the winners. “Being a part of the Paving the Way IAAHPC conference and having access to such valuable education is a dream come true. I am deeply grateful for this recognition and opportunity,” said Reagan. The PETS Award stands as a beacon of hope for the animal hospice and palliative care community, fostering the talents and passion of these remarkable students. Through this initiative, IAAHPC and Lap of Love continue to invest in the future of compassionate care for animals.

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