“Sooty was a feral cat who I tamed. He was all black, with half a tail and a crushed foot that had healed. It took me a year and 7 months until he wanted me to pet him. After that, he sat on my lap every day, and slept by my side every night for 14 years. Taming him was the most meaningful experience of my life.

Sooty was a gentle cat, with the loudest purr I’ve ever heard. He was so happy with his indoor home, and he had no bad habits. He loved the company of my other cats, especially the foster kittens I rescued each year. His best friend was Dudley, a large black cat who was rescued from a shelter. They used to sit so close that I called them the two-headed cat. Dudley misses him now.

I will remember how loyal Sooty was, always wanting to be on my lap the minute I sat down. I will remember how his half-tail swung back and forth when he walked or trotted. I will remember his very loud purr. I will remember that he chose to trust me, and for this I am forever honored and grateful. My life with Sooty changed me, and I will never be the same.

We miss you, Soot-Soot!”