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Guidelines for Recommended Practices in Animal Hospice and Palliative Care

Written in 2013, revised in 2017, this 50-page document was written to provide guidance to those new to the concept of animal hospice and to offer advancement to those who have practicing it for years.   If you wish to comment on the guidelines, please contact us.  We welcome any feedback you wish to share.



Kris August, DVM. Iowa, USA

Kathy Cooney, DVM, MS, CHPV. Colorado, USA

Lynn Hendrix, DVM. California, USA

Bonnie Mader, MS. California, USA

Jessica Pierce, PhD, MTS. Colorado, USA
Amir Shanan, DVM, CHPV. Task Force Chair. Illinois, USA



We the authors would like to thank the following individuals for sharing their time and expertise in review of this document: Betty Carmack, RN, EdD, Jennifer Coates, DVM, Radford Davis, DVM, MPH, Diplomate ACVPM, Tina Ellenbogen, DVM,  Barbara Fougere, BSc, BVMS (hons), BHSc (Comp Med), MHSc (Herb Med), CVA, Sandra Frellsen, MD, Chris Hendrix-Chupa, and Rebecca Rose, CVT.