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Business Circles: Group networking to help you grow your business

Would you like to have help with your greatest business challenges? Join Business Circles!

Business Circles give IAAHPC members the opportunity to meet online with a small group once a month to discuss all the facets of animal hospice business management.  The idea for Business Circles came from a desire to bring members together more frequently and with helpful connections like those we make at the annual conference.  Many of us head home from the annual conference energized with new information and ideas, only to go it alone for 12 months until the next conference.

Business Circles offers a place to ask each other questions and make new connections with colleagues throughout the year. 

As a member of a Business Circle, you can bring your successes or challenges to the group about anything business related (ex. marketing, staff, taxes, website). Share your ideas and also get help and advice.  Chances are good that if you’re having a problem, other members will have already tackled it or are experiencing it right along with you.  We meet as often as once a month.  Cost to join is $50 and money generated will be used for technology needs, a networking activity at the IAAHPC annual conference, and more.

Think of a Business Circle as your personal circle of advisors! There’s lots of wisdom to be shared. 

We would like your input. Take our survey so you can weigh in on this new program.  Want to connect with us before joining?  Contact Dr. Rebecca McComas at

Join us to share your successes and challenges in business!