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If you would like to contribute to IAAHPC:

Why should I donate to the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care?

For most people, making a donation to a worthwhile cause is important. With today's economy, knowing that our donation dollars are supporting a worthwhile cause is of the utmost importance.

We, too, know the importance of a peaceful end-of-life journey for our precious pets. By furthering our educational efforts, more pet care professionals and pet parents will have the opportunity to make those final days with their pet be a loving and peaceful experience.

How is your money used?

Developing detailed guidelines for recommended practices
Hosting conferences, both independent and in collaboration with other organizations
Supporting research in the fields of palliative care and death studies
Creating business tools for service providers
Educating the public about the benefits of advanced end-of-life care
Designing the first certification program in animal hospice

Your donation dollars will allow our efforts to continue. Thank you for considering our association! 

What are the occasions that prompt people to donate to us?

In honor of a beloved pet who has died
As a tribute to a pet who is in hospice
In honor of a special person who dedicated their life to caregiving
As a tribute to a special veterinarian, vet tech, or vet clinic
For a pet's birthday
To remember a pet's anniversary date of death
As an anniversary gift for a pet-loving spouse

Wills and Trust Information

You can make a Leave a Legacy gift to our 501©(3) non-profit organization.  No matter what your financial contribution, your gift can and will make a difference to the IAAHPC. After you are gone, you can rest knowing your legacy can go on helping animals and their families at the end-of-life.

The reasons to give are endless! Know that your dollars will be used to continue our loving, caring mission of helping others in their end-of-life journeys with their special pet.

From all of us at the IAAHPC, thank you.