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Water-based Cremation: Understanding this new option in aftercare (2017-08-20)

$25.00 each

Date: Sunday, August 20, 2017
Presenter: Kathy Cooney, DVM
Description: Using lye to reduce the body to bone is a very old process. Its formal name is alkaline hydrolysis and thanks to some new technology and pioneer manufacturers, it’s gaining popularity as an environmentally-friendly and sustainable option in aftercare. Some of you may know it as Flameless Cremation, Bio Cremation, Green Cremation, or Aquamation. To be clear, it’s not cremation at all, but rather a very gentle unique way of reducing away the soft tissue so all that’s left is the carcinogen-free skeleton ready for ash processing. Over this 60-minute session, we are going to talk about this new option gaining fast popularity around the country and world.