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Pet Loss and the Holidays (2017-12-17)

$25.00 each

Presenter: Kathryn Jennings, CPFE, CPLP
The upcoming holidays traditionally focus on celebrating with family and friends. However, for those pet families who have suffered the loss of a cherished pet or those currently anticipating a loss, the holidays can intensify grief for everyone in the family.
Join us as we discuss coping with end-of-life caregiving, anticipating a loss, life and grief after the loss of a pet during the holiday season in an atmosphere of understanding and empathy.
Topics include:
Human/Animal Relationship
Anticipating a loss
End-of-life care giving
Coping with holiday traditions & socializing
Experiencing "grief bursts"
Disenfranchised grief
Caring for yourself
Remembering the Life & Love
Adopting another pet