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Business Circles: Peer to Peer Advice (2016-11-20)

$25.00 each


Business Circles: Peer to Peer Advice (2016-11-20)

Presenter: Rebecca McComas, DVM

Date of broadcast: Sunday, November 20, 2016


Description: In this webinar we’ll take an in-depth look at Business Circles, a new opportunity in 2016 for IAAHPC members only.  A Business Circle is a group of up to eight IAAHPC members who meet online every month to discuss business questions and challenges.  Our focus at Business Circles is on growing our professional networks with colleagues and having better access to business advice, mentors and general professional resources.  There are many benefits including improved social networks, a feeling of support and collaboration, quicker access to business solutions, and ultimately a better quality-of-life and a more successful practice.  Attend this webinar to learn more about what Business Circles has to offer for you.

Please note: the audio connection to Dr. McComas was lost 32 minutes and 20 seconds into the broadcast.  However, she was close to the end of her presentation.  If you have any questions about the presentation, or how you can join a Business Circle, please contact Dr. McComas at .