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Helping Clients Uncover The Sacred Gifts of Their Pets' End of Life Journeys (2016-07-24)

$25.00 each


Date: Sunday, July 24, 2016
Time: 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm ET
Presenter: Elizabeth Fernandez, DVM, CVA, Acupuncture For Pets

Description: End of life care work is unique. In this webinar, Dr. Liz Fernandez will explore perspectives that allow us to make space for helpful responses to these questions and others: - How does our relationship with death impact our ability to support our clients as they navigate this journey with their pets? - How does this relationship support our own psychological and spiritual well being? - What happens within our own Psyche if we broaden our view of death to include both the devastation experienced AND that which is sacred, profound, the Eternal Mystery? - How can we share this perspective with our clients regardless of our or their religious or spiritual beliefs? - How can we partner, support and validate our clients, entrusting them to make this final decision? The webinar will be recorded. An email with a link to view a streamed recording of the webinar will be sent to registrants approximately 24 hours after the broadcast ends. Downloadable versions of the recording will be available for purchase a few days after the live broadcast.