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The Presence Plan: How to Thrive After Your Pet’s Terminal Diagnosis (2013-04-14)

$25.00 each


Presenter: Doug Koktavy

Date recorded: April 14, 2013

Description: Following a fatal illness diagnosis, a pet parent as caregiver, experiences a myriad of damaging emotions: guilt over past decisions and fear over future events.  A lack of understanding by your human circle and increased time commitments results in a cascade of despair:  denial, anger, depression, fatigue and sleep loss are just a few.  This state is known as Anticipatory Grief.  This informative webinar will identify the components of Anticipatory Grief and provide a step-by-step framework, known as “The Presence Plan,” to turn adversity into opportunity.   Participants will learn how to identify and control negative emotions through a daily focus on living in the moment.  Join us to learn “this isn’t the worst of times-it is the richest of times.”