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Certification / Education Committee

The certification committee develops, executes, reviews, and manages the IAAHPC certification and certificate programs. Certification/Certificate graduates and current students apply here. Certification/Certificate graduates and current students can apply each year to serve on this committee. Contact the Certification Chair, Heidi Cooley.

Conference Committee

The conference committee works with the conference administrator to plan, execute, and develop conference programming. Contact the Conference Chair, Karin Christopher.

Marketing Committee

The marketing committee develops, implements, reviews, and manages the IAAHPC marketing plan. The Marketing Committee works with the Membership Benefits committee to grow Membership. Contact our Marketing Chair, Coleen Ellis

Member Benefits Committee

The membership benefits committee develops programming, perks, and content to enhance the IAAHPC member experience. Contact the Member Benefits Chair,  Jessi Hurd

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee oversees BOD elections, procedures, policy manuals, and updates to the bylaws or legal documentation of the IAAHPC. Contact the Conference Chair, Nathaniel Cook

Volunteer Relations Committee

The Volunteer Development committee recruits, manages, and retains volunteers for the IAAHPC. This includes training and recognition of  member volunteers. Contact our Volunteer Relations Chair, Kim Parker

International Committee

The International Committee spreads brand awareness, recruits new international members, and creates a stronger IAAHPC presence on the international stage. Contact our International Committee Chair, Shannon Axiak.

Research Committee

The research committee works to ensure the IAAHPC is explores existing and potential for research projects, journals, and funding in animal hospice and palliative care. It’s current focus is assisting the Member Benefits and Marketing Committees in conducting market research.

Development and Finance Committee

The development committee, led by the Treasurer-Elect, executes strategies and initiatives to generate revenue and foster relationships that will further the mission.  In conjunction with the conference committee, this committee works to develop and retain corporate partnerships and sponsorship the IAAHPC throughout the year. Contact our Fundraising Chair, Jeff Lewis.

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