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Eligibility Requirements

At present, program enrollment is limited to:

  • Licensed veterinarians

  • Licensed veterinary technicians

  • Your professional license must be current

  • Applicants must be IAAHPC members in good standing


Click HERE to purchase Modules.


Below is an overview of the application process for the AHPC Certification Program, which begins with Module 1.  Registration for Module 1 opens June 15 of each year and closes 2 months later, on August 15:

  1. Purchase Module 1 by clicking on the link above ("Click HERE to purchase Modules")
  2. Login to the learning portal using the user name and password you created when registering for the course
  3. Click on the AHPC Student Application area where you will need to fill out a student application
  4. Complete the application by following the posted directions
  5. You will receive a message alert verifying that your application has been successfully submitted. 
  6. When your application has been reviewed, verified and accepted, you will receive an email notification that you can begin Module 1 (approval may take up to 2 weeks time)
  7. The first step in Module 1 is to complete a Pre-Certification Survey which you will find in the classroom area, AHPC Certificate Program Overview

Below is an overview of the purchase process for Modules 2, 3, 4, and 5 of the AHPC Certification Program: 

  1. Purchase Modules 2, 3, 4, or 5 by clicking on the link above

Please note that individual Modules will be open for enrollment (as well as closed for enrollement) at varying times of the year.  Module 5 is a new module for the 2018-19 cohort.  Please see CERTIFICATION TIMELINE for this information.


PLEASE NOTE (as stated in the Certification Handbook): "Candidates requesting to withdraw from the program after submitting an application will be charged an administrative fee of $200.00.  Credit card transactions or checks that are declined may be subject to a $25 handling fee."